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Table 1 Reported cases of pediatric desmoid fibromatosis of the paranasal sinuses.

From: Aggressive juvenile fibromatosis of the paranasal sinuses: case report and brief review

Age Location Presentation Pathology Therapy Response Reference
2 year old male Right maxillary sinus Nasal obstruction Aggressive fibromatosis Surgical resection Lost to follow up [1]
14 year old female Right parotid/mandible Right facial deformity Aggressive fibromatosis Surgical resection (positive margins) No recurrence at < 1 year [6]
15 month old male Nasal cavity/anterior maxilla Facial deformity Aggressive fibromatosis 1. Surgical resection (positive margins) 2. Surgical resection (negative margins) Recurrence in 1 month, no recurrence [5]
2 year old male Left maxillary sinus Nasal deformity Desmoid fibromatosis Surgical resection (twice), followed by adjuvant tamoxifen No recurrence at 2 years [4]
  1. Conley et al. [2] reported a series of 40 different cases, three cases between the ages 1–10. One of these cases involved the ethmoid sinus.
  2. Fu [3] reported two cases of juvenile fibromatosis ages 2 and 10. One of these cases involved the maxillary sinus.