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Table 1 Incidence of pleural effusion in patients with CP CML with exposure to dasatinib

From: The occurrence and management of fluid retention associated with TKI therapy in CML, with a focus on dasatinib

  70 mg twice daily
n = 167
100 mg once daily
n = 166
Pleural effusiona    
   All grades 26 (16%) 12 (7%) 0.024
   Grades 3-4 2 (1%) 2 (1%) -
  1. aClassifications are as follows: grade 1, asymptomatic; grade 2, symptomatic, intervention with diuretics or up to two therapeutic thoracenteses indicated; grade 3, symptomatic and supplemental oxygen is required, greater than two therapeutic thoracenteses, tube drainage, or pleurodesis indicated; grade 4, life-threatening (e.g., causing hemodynamic instability); grade 5, death.
  2. Data from Shah et al[22]