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Figure 2

From: Applying mass spectrometry based proteomic technology to advance the understanding of multiple myeloma

Figure 2

Highest scoring molecular interaction network generated from Ingenuity Pathways Analysis (IPA) software. Top functional annotations associated with this network were "Cancer", "Cellular Assembly and Organization", and "Cellular Function and Maintenance". Up-regulated (red) and down-regulated (green) proteins in the 8226/R5 cell line detected in the iTRAQ-MS study are connected by additional protein interactors (white). Both direct and indirect interactions are shown (solid and dashed lines, respectively) with arrows indicating the direction of the underlying relationship, where applicable; types of interactions include activation (A), expression (E), localization (L), membership (MB), phosphorylation (P), protein-DNA (PD), protein-protein (PP), regulation of binding (RB), and translocation (TR). Network analysis was performed on differentially expressed proteins using the Core Analysis feature in IPA version 6.2, and the following analysis settings: data source: Ingenuity Expert Findings; species: human, mouse, rat, uncategorized; tissues and cell lines: all selected.

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