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Table 2 Clinical, cytogenetic and molecular features of a patient with Ph-positive CML who developed Ph-negative acute lymphoblastic leukemia after IFN-α and imatinib mesylate therapy

From: Evolution of T-cell clonality in a patient with Ph-negative acute lymphocytic leukemia occurring after interferon and imatinib therapy for Ph-positive chronic myeloid leukemia

Date Disease stage (Treatment) Karyotype BCR/ABL
8/10/2000 CP 46, XX, t(9;22), t(11;18), der(16), t(16;?)[25] +ve(95%) +ve
3/3/2001 CP(IFN-α) ND +ve(95%) ND
21/12/2001 CP(IFN-α) 45, XX,-22,16q+ t(11;18)[1]/45, XX,-22,16q+ t(9;22)t(11;18)[1]/46, XX,-22,16q+ t(9;22)t(11;18)[18]/46, XX [5] +ve(90%) ND
28/11/2002 CP(IFN-α) ND +ve(100%) ND
28/11/2003 CP(IFN-α) ND +ve(90%) ND
6/5/2004 CP(IFN-α) ND +ve(90%) ND
1/6/2005 CP(IFN-α) ND +ve(75%) ND
27/1/2006 CCR(IFN-α) ND -ve ND
8/3/2006 CCR (IM) ND -ve ND
11/5/2006 CCR (IM) ND -ve ND
9/8/2006 CCR (IM) ND -ve ND
8/10/2006 Ph-negative ALL 46, XX [25] -ve -ve
18/12/2006 Post CT for ALL 46, XX [25] -ve -ve
  1. CP: chronic phase; ALL: acute lymphoblastic leukemia; CCR: complete cytogenetic response; Hu: hydroxyurea; IM: imatinib mesylate; CT: chemotherapy; +ve: positive; -ve: negative; ND: not done.