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Table 1 Nucleoside analogues in clinical trials

From: Novel agents and regimens for acute myeloid leukemia: 2009 ASH annual meeting highlights

Study Agents Other agents Disease Dosage Clinical trails No Pts Response Reference
Clofarabine HD Cytarabine, Relapsed and refractory AML 22,5 mg/m2 i.v qd, d1-5
GO 6 mg/m2 d6
Phase II 20 CR 50% [17]
Clofarabine   Elderly AML 20-30 mg/m2
i.v qd, d1-5
Phase II 112 CR 33-56% [18]
Clofarabine HD Cytarabine Relapsed and refractory AML 25 mg/m2/d 1-5d Phase I II 38 CR 45% [19]
Clofarabine GO Relapsed and refractory AML 20 mg/m2/d or 30 mg/m2/d d1-5 Phase I 14 MTD: 20 mg/m2 clofarabine [20]
Clofarabine LD Cytarabine Elderly untreated AML 20 mg/m2 i.v qd, d1-5 Phase II 40 CR 59%
CRp 6%
Sapacitabine   Elderly Relapsed and refractory AML 200 or 300 mg po bid ×7d, 400 mg po bid ×3d/w ×2w Phase II 60 CR 10% [22]
Elacytarabine   Relapsed and refractory AML 2,000 mg/m2 CIV d1-5q3w Phase II 61 CR 15% [23]
  1. Abbreviations: GO: gemtuzumab ozogamycin; HD: high dose; LD, low dose; CRp: CR without platelet recovery; MTD: maximal tolerated dose;