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Table 6 Clinical studies of valproic acid

From: Novel histone deacetylase inhibitors in clinical trials as anti-cancer agents

Phase Other agent Disease (pt. No.) Schedule Recommended dose & response Reference
I ATRA(80 mg/m2) AML (58). Twice a day VPA serum concentration to 50-100 ug/ml [131]
I   Cervical cancer(12) Once a day 20-40 mg/kg [137]
I ATRA(45 mg/m2) AML(26) Once a day 5-10 mg/kg [132]
I Decitabine (5 mg/m2) NSCLC(8) 5-aza-CdR for 10 days in combination with VA on days 5-21 of a 28-day cycle. 15 mg/kg/d [140]
I   Refractory advanced cancer(26) Daily for 5 days in a 21-day cycle 60 mg/kg/day [138]
I Epirubicin Solid tumor(44) Daily for three days then followed by epirubicin in 21 day cycle VPA 140 mg/kg/d
Epirubincin 100 mg/m2
I AZA and ATRA AML(49) and MDS(4)   VPA 75 mg/kg [136]
I and II Decitabine(15 mg/m2) AML(54) Once a day 50 mg/kg, 22% objective response [134]