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Figure 4

From: Tanshinone IIA inhibits metastasis after palliative resection of hepatocellular carcinoma and prolongs survival in part via vascular normalization

Figure 4

Effects of Tan IIA on tumor microvessel density, microvessel integrity, and hypoxia. (A) CD31 microvessel density (MVD) increased, and NG2 microvessel integrity (MVI) showed no change after PR. Tan IIA did not affect MVD, but it did elevate MVI. *p<0.01. (B) PR + NS group: CD31 was high, NG2 was low, and Pimonidazole was high. PR + Tan IIA group: CD31 was high, NG2 was also high, and thus hypoxia was slight (400×). (C) The vascular wall of Tan IIA tumor tissue was more integrated than NS tissue (1200×). (D), (E) Tan IIA increased NG2 levels and reduced residual tumor hypoxia (200×).

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