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Table 1 MEK inhibitors in clinical trials

From: MEK and the inhibitors: from bench to bedside

MEK Inhibitors Target Clinical trial Common toxicities Tumors References
Trametinib (GSK1120212) MEK1/2 III Rash, diarrhea, retinopathy Melanoma, colorectal cancer [67]
Pimasertib (AST03026) MEK1/2 I Nausea, rash, visual disturbance, asthenia Colorectal, multiple myeloma [74]
Selumetinib (AZD6244) MEK1 II Nausea, rash, xerostomia Melanoma, NSCLC [7685]
PD-0325901 MEK1/2 I Rash, fatigue, blurry vision, diarrhea Melanoma, NSCLC [8991]
Refametinib (RDEA119) MEK1/2 II Rash Hepatocellular cancer, melanoma, colorectal cancer [94, 95]
TAK733 MEK1/2 I Not available Melanoma, NSCLC, colorectal, breast cancer [96, 97]
MEK162 MEK1/2 I/II Rash, dermatitis, CPK elevation N-Ras melanoma, NSCLC, pancreatic cancer [100]
RO5126766 Raf/MEK1/2 I Rash, diarrhea, CPK elevation Melanoma [101]
WX-554 MEK1/2 II Not available Advanced solid tumors [102]
RO4987655 MEK1 I Rash, GI disorders Melanoma [104]
GDC-0973 MEK1 I Rash, nausea, dysguesia, elevated CK Melanoma, Pancreatic cancer, endometrial cancer [108]
AZD8330 MEK1/2 I Mental status change, rash, nausea Advanced solid tumors [110]