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Figure 2

From: The Src homology-2 protein Shb modulates focal adhesion kinase signaling in a BCR-ABL myeloproliferative disorder causing accelerated progression of disease

Figure 2

Evaluation of peripheral blood profile in leukemic wild type and Shb knockout mice. Peripheral blood smears were stained with May Grünwald-Giemsa; (a and c) the white blood cell count was established by differential counts and (b and c) the proportions of morphologically mature and immature cells were determined [stars point to blast cells and arrow to mature neutrophils]. (d and e) FACS analysis of Gr-1 and Mac-1 expression in peripheral blood. (d and f) The ratio of BCR-ABL+ and BCR-ABL- within the myeloid compartment was determined by evaluation of GFP+ expression using FACS analysis. The plots are representative of a typical experiment. The results are presented as mean values ± SEM from 9 mice of each genotype in 3 independent experiments. ** and * represents p < 0.01 and p < 0.05 respectively as determined by Student’s t-test.

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