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Table 2 Annotation of aberrant genes relevant to sunitinib sensitivity

From: Next generation sequencing analysis of platinum refractory advanced germ cell tumor sensitive to Sunitinib (Sutent®) a VEGFR2/PDGFRβ/c-kit/ FLT3/RET/CSF1R inhibitor in a phase II trial

HGNC Alteration CN  
RET H.AMP 4.4  
KRAS H.AMP 4.2  
EGFR H.AMP 4.7  
PTEN H.DEL 0.9  
HGNC Alteration Consequence Quality
AKT1 c. G529A p. A117T Likely benign Low
  1. Next generation sequencing of unusual responder patient with testicular cancer indicated tumor harboring multiple copy number aberrations. Only 5 alterations were found to have reported relevant information in tumors/cells treated with sunitinib: RET amplification, PTEN loss, EGFR and KRAS amplification.
  2. HGNC – Hugo genome nomenclature committee, CNV, copy number variation, SNV- Single nucleotide variants.
  3. NOTE: Genomic alterations detected may or may not have reported altered protein function.