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Table 4 Clinical trials and case studies using Sunitinib and Imatinib in relapsed/refractory germ cell tumors

From: Next generation sequencing analysis of platinum refractory advanced germ cell tumor sensitive to Sunitinib (Sutent®) a VEGFR2/PDGFRβ/c-kit/ FLT3/RET/CSF1R inhibitor in a phase II trial

Drug Study center/Group Number Efficacy Author Reference
Sunitinib Canadian Urologic Oncology Group/German 33 3 PR + 1 uPR RR = 13% 6-mo PFS 11% K. Oechsle et al. [40]
Testicular Cancer Study Group cooperative study
Sunitinib Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 10 0 RR, 5 SD Feldman et al. [38]
Sunitinib Hospital de Dénia, Marina Salud 1 1 SD, B-HCG drop Gasent Blesa, J. al. [41]
Sunitinib MD Anderson Cancer Center 5 1 /5PR Subbiah et al. Journal of Hem/Onc
Imatinib Indiana University 6 0/6 1 SD 3 mo with > 50% ↓AFP_ Einhorn et al. [42]
Imatinib General Hospital Attikon, University of Athens 1 1 CR ~32 mo Pectasides, al. [43]
Imatinib Central Hospital of Bolzano, Bolzano, Italy 1 1 CR ~ 24 mo Pedersini R et al. [44]
  1. PR- Partial response, PFS – Progression free survival, uPR-unconfirmed partial response, SD- Stable disease, CR – Complete Response.