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Table 1 Summary of the circulating miRNAs that may be used as non-invasive biomarkers for the detection of cancer

From: Circulating miRNAs in cancer: from detection to therapy

Circulating miRNA Types of cancer Methods Source References
miR-155,-210,-21 Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma qRT-PCR serum [14]
miR-132, -181c, -15a, -370, -143-3p, -21-5p, -200a-3p, -646 Cervical squamous cell carcinoma TaqMan miRNA array, qRT-PCR serum [26]
miR-122 Chronic hepatitis B Microarray, qRT-PCR serum [28]
miR-141 Prostate cancer qRT-PCR serum/plasma [29],[41]
miR-1233 Renal cell carcinoma TaqMan low density array, qRT-PCR serum [30]
mir-16,-25 Multiple myeloma NanoString-nCounter microRNA assays serum [31],[52]
miR-17, -20a, -29c, -223 Nasopharyngeal carcinoma Microarray, qRT-PCR serum [32]
miR-17-3p, -29a, -92a, -221 Colorectal Cancer qRT-PCR serum [41],[42],[51]
miR-155 Breast Cancer TaqMan miRNA array, qRT-PCR serum [41],[49],[54]
miR-21, -26a, -27a, -122, -192, -223, -801 Hepatocellular cancer Microarray, qRT-PCR serum [48]
miR-16, -25, -92a, -451, miR-486-5p Gastric non-cardia adenocarcinoma TaqMan low density array, qRT-PCR serum [50]
miR-425-5p, -93-5p Head and neck cancer qRT-PCR Plasma [53]
miR-122 Chronic hepatitis C qRT-PCR serum [55]