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Table 1 Negative association between EVI1 and MS4A3 mRNA levels in primary samples from AML patients

From: EVI1 promotes tumor growth via transcriptional repression of MS4A3

Data set Cutoff # EVI1 high # EVI1 low % EVI1 high M SD Z P -Value
GSE6891 C1 5.97 18 229 7.3 -1.36 0.40 3.37 7.4E-04
GSE6891 C2 6.16 12 202 5.6 -1.16 0.54 2.16 3.1E-02
GSE14471 8.61 9 102 8.1 -1.86 0.73 2.56 1.0E-02
GSE35784 5.66 21 109 16.2 -1.01 0.36 2.84 4.5E-03
  1. Bootstrap analysis was performed on GEO microarray data sets GSE14471 [58], GSE35784 [59], and GSE6891 [57], the latter of which consists of two independent patient cohorts (C1, C2). For each of the four patient cohorts, cutoff values defining high (EVI1high) versus low (EVI1low) EVI1 expression were determined as described in Materials and Methods. The respective groups of EVI1high patients were compared to 10.000 randomly sampled, equally sized groups of EVI1low patients. Cutoff, log2 intensity of EVI1 expression defining EVI1high versus EVI1low patients; M, mean difference of log2 transformed MS4A3 expression between EVI1high and randomly permuted EVI1low patients; SD, standard deviation of M; Z, Z-score of the sampling distribution (Z = -M/SD).