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Table 1 Summary of the expression of functional molecules in circulating naive, memory T cell and terminal effector T cell subsets

From: The roles of stem cell memory T cells in hematological malignancies

Subset Phenotype
TN CD45ROCCR7+CD45RA+CD62L+CD27+CD28+CD127+(IL-7Rα+)CD95CD103
TSCM CD45ROCCR7+CD45RA+CD62L+CD27+CD28+CD127+(IL-7Rα+)CD95+CD103
TCM CD45RO+CCR7+CD45RACD62L+CD28+CD27+CD127+(IL-7Rα+)CD95+CD103
TEM CD45RO+CCR7CD45RACD62LCD28−/+CD27−/+CD127−/+(IL-7Rα−/+)CD95+CD103+
TTE CD45ROCCR7CD45RA+CD62LCD28−/+CD27CD127(IL-7Rα)CD95+CD103
  1. +” positive expression, “” negative expression, T N naive T cell, T SCM stem cell memory T cell, T CM central memory T cell, T EM effector memory T cell, T TE terminal effector T cell