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Table 1 Summary of the top pathways highlighted by GSEA on the total differentially expressed genes

From: GEP analysis validates high risk MDS and acute myeloid leukemia post MDS mice models and highlights novel dysregulated pathways

HR-MDS versus FVB/N AML post MDS versus FVB/N
Adipogenesis Adipogenesis
Androgen response Allograft rejection
Angiogenesis Androgen response
Bile acid metabolism Apical junction
Coagulation Bile acid metabolism
Complement Cholesterol homeostasis
E2F targets Coagulation
Estrogen response late Complement
Fatty acid metabolism E2F targets
G2M checkpoint epitheliall mesenchymal transition
Glycolysis G2M checkpoint
Kras signaling Glycolysis
Mitotic spindle Hedgehog-signaling
mTORC1 signaling Mitotic spindle
Myc targets Oxidative phosphorylation
Oxidative phosphorylation Pancreas beta cells
UV response-dn Spermatogenesis
Xenobiotic metabolism Xenobiotic metabolism
  1. Italicized data indicate pathways in common between the two models; Bold data indicate similar pathways found in the « unique » genes