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Table 2 Brigatinib and lorlatinib in clinical development for non-small cell lung cancer

From: Second- and third-generation ALK inhibitors for non-small cell lung cancer

Trials Agents Patients No. ORR PFS Refs.
Phase I/II
Brigatinib Crizotinib-naive
with CNS metastases
7/7 (100 %)
45/65 (69 %)
14/38 (37 %)
56 weeks
47 weeks
97 weeks
Phase I/II
Lorlatinib Untreated
Failed 1 ALKi
N/A N/A N/A [77]
  1. Abbreviations: N/A not applicable, ORR overall response rate, DOR duration of response, PFS progression-free survival, Ref reference, wks weeks, m months, ALKi ALK inhibitor