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Table 2 Biomedical and pathology comparison of most recent studies in ovarian cancer PDX models

From: Histologic and molecular analysis of patient derived xenografts of high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma

   Ricci et al. (2014) [35] Weroha et al. (2014) [13] Dobbin et al. (2014) [20] Topp et al. (2014) [22] Current study
No. cases   34 168 34 12 9
Tumor types   All EOC types All EOC types All EOC types High-grade serous High-grade serous
Implantation site SQ Yes No Yes Yes Yes
IP Yes Yes Yes No No
IB Yes No No Yes Yes
Take rate (%)   25 74 85.3 (SC), 22.2 (IP) 83 >90
Passage time (weeks) Average Not mentioned Not mentioned 10 weeks Not mentioned 6–12 weeks
Passage attempts   P1->6 P1 P1-6 P1 P1-4
Stem cell analysis   No No ALDH1, CD44,CD133 No ALDH1, CD44,CD133
Histology comparison   Yes Yes No No Yes
Immunohistochemistry analysis ER/PR No No No Yes Yes
KI67 No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mutation analysis P53 Yes No No Yes Yes
Gene profile P0 Yes Yes No No Yes
P1-x Yes P1 No No P2
  1. EOC epithelial ovarian cancer