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Fig. 5

From: Alpha-enolase (ENO1) controls alpha v/beta 3 integrin expression and regulates pancreatic cancer adhesion, invasion, and metastasis

Fig. 5

Analysis of uPAR/integrins pathways. Western blot analysis on total lysates of shENO1 and shCTRL CFPAC-1 cells was carried out to investigate levels of (a) phospho- and total ERK1-2, (b) activated and total RAC, (c) phospho- and total Src, (d) phospho- and total p38MAPK, (e) phospho- and total AKT, (f) phospho- and total FAK and (g) phospho- and total Paxillin. Histograms represent the ratios between the phosphorylated and total form of each protein. A representative of three independent experiments is shown

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