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Table 2 EV-associated lncRNAs in cancers

From: Extracellular vesicles-mediated noncoding RNAs transfer in cancer

lncRNA Cancer type Biological function Mechanism Refs
lncRNA-p21 Prostate cancer Suppress cancer initiation Enhance drug resistance; suppress the genes regulated by p53 [71]
GAS5 Prostate cancer Suppress cancer initiation Suppress several anti-apoptotic genes [72]
MEG3 Lung cancer Suppress cancer initiation Stimulate p53 expression [73]
HOTAIR Bladder cancer Facilitate tumor progression Regulate EMT and act as miR-205 sponge [78]
MALAT1 Cervical cancer Facilitate tumor progression Modulate EMT [79]
MONC AKML Facilitate tumor progression Act as miR-99a/100~125b sponge [81]
MIR100HG AKML Facilitate tumor progression Same as lnc-MONC [81]
H19 Liver cancer Promote angiogenesis Affect phenotype of endothelial cells [86]
linc-ROR HCC Promote tumor progression Inhibit p53 and act as miR-145 sponge [88, 89]
linc-ROR HCC Enhance drug resistance Elevate TGF level [90]
Linc-VLDLR HCC Enhance drug resistance Unknown [67]
lncARSR Renal cancer Enhance drug resistance Act as a ceRNA for miR-34 and miR-449 [91]