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Table 3 Current available EV-associated ncRNAs as tumor biomarkers

From: Extracellular vesicles-mediated noncoding RNAs transfer in cancer

EV-associated ncRNA Cancer type Biological function Refs
miR-223 Breast cancer Promote invasion [100]
let-7 family Gastric cancer Suppress cancer initiation [21]
miR-17-92 Leukemia Enhance migration and tube formation [101]
miR-15 MM Facilitate progression [102]
miR-125b Melanoma Monitor indicator [103]
miR-16 HCC Mediate intercellular communication [104]
miR-21 Breast cancer Monitor indicator [108]
miR-21/155 Neuroblastoma Enhance drug resistance [57]
H19 Liver cancer Promote angiogenesis [86]
HOTAIR Bladder cancer Facilitate tumor progression [78]
MALLATl Cervical cancer Facilitate tumor progression [79]
MEG3 Lung cancer Suppress cancer initiation [73]
GAS5 Prostate cancer Suppress cancer initiation [72]
lincRNA-ROR HCC Promote tumor progression [88, 89]
lnc-ATB HCC Promote metastasis [106]
lnc-PVT1 HCC Promote cell proliferation [107]