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Table 5 Gene expression changes of pro-angiogenic pathways in cancers

From: Thrombus leukocytes exhibit more endothelial cell-specific angiogenic markers than peripheral blood leukocytes do in acute coronary syndrome patients, suggesting a possibility of trans-differentiation: a comprehensive database mining study

  1. Seven master pro-angiogenic pathways including MAPK, PI3K-AKT, NOTCH, NF-κB, JAK-STAT, HIF-VEGF, and ANG-TIE are investigated using the method previously developed (Fig. 1a). We compared gene expression levels in tumor tissues to adjacent normal tissues among six types of cancers in the digestive system, three types of cancers in the reproductive system, lung cancer, and lymphoma as shown. Genes with significant expression changes (p < 0.05) are shown here. Red text stands for upregulation (FC ≥ 2), and green text stands for downregulation (FC ≤ 0.5)