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Table 4 ADV and GVHD status before and after ADV-VST infusion for each patient

From: Curative or pre-emptive adenovirus-specific T cell transfer from matched unrelated or third party haploidentical donors after HSCT, including UCB transplantations: a successful phase I/II multicenter clinical trial

Patient Diagnosis Age AlloSCT GVHD status at inclusion Early GVHD after VSTs (<1 month) Days of ADV reactivation
Since graft
D0 ADV load (×103 copy/mL) ADV status Modulation of IS for ADV management IS at VSTs infusion Antiviral treatment prior VSTs Days of VSTs since ADV reactivation Antiviral treatment after VSTs ADV load response (decrease > 0.5log) ADV IR Early infection (<1 month) Outcome (ADV clearance)
01-01 ALL 14 MAC-ATG PHSC MUD Grade II aGVHD No 100 1790 Disease (GT) None Cyclo + CST + basiliximab Cidofovir 41 Cidofovir D0-D9 D14 Increase at D14 EBV at D21 Dead > D180 (D21)
07-03 MDS 2 RIC-ATG PHSC MUD Grade I aGVHD No 143 NA Disease (GT) None MMF Cidofovir 78 Cidofovir D11-D24 UN Increase at D60 No Alive (D21)
09-04 ALL 14 MAC-ATG PHSC MMUD Grade II aGVHD + cGVHD No 70 25.8 Asymptomatic infection Stop IS for ADV, restart at D0 Cyclo + CST None 23 None D17 Increase at D14 EBV at D14 Alive (D30)
06-05 HL 31 RIC-ATG PHSC MMUD Grade II aGVHD + limited cGVHD Extensive cGVHD (D7) 215 87.1 Disease (GT) Stop IS for ADV, restart at D32 None None 49 None D45 Increase at D60 No Alive (D180)
07-06 AA 12 RIC-ATG UCB Grade II aGVHD Grade I aGVHD (D14) 46 4.82 Disease (GT) None MMF + CST Ribavirine 95 Ribavirine D0-D40 + Cidofovir D60-D115 D60 Increase at D14 No Dead > D180 (D90)
02-08 ALL 5 MAC UCB Grade III aGVHD Grade III aGHVD (D14) 64 0.75 Disease (pulmonary) Stop IS for VSTs and restart at D12 None Cidofovir 42 None D7 Increase at D14 Bacteria at D7 Dead of infection at D132 (D14)
11-10 MDS 27 MAC-ATG UCB Grade IV aGVHD No 126 877 Disease (GT) None Cyclo + CST + Ruxolitinib Cidofovir 37 None D21 Increase at D14 Bacteria at D21 Alive (D60)
12-11 AML 11 m MAC-ATG UCB No GVHD No 18 7300 Disease (GT) Stop MMF for ADV Cyclo Cidofovir 43 Ribavirine until D8 No response Increase at D14, noresponse at D30 EBV at D14 Dead of ADV at D33
08-12 PID 7 m MAC-ATG UCB No GVHD No -14 1660 Disease (GT) Stop CST for ADV Cyclo Cidofovir 37 None D10 response at D14 Bacteria at D7 and D21 Alive (D45)
01-13 SS 8 MAC-ATG PHSC MMUD No GVHD No 19 37.9 Disease (GT) Stop IS for ADV None Cidofovir 69 Cidofovir D6-D23 D30 Increase at D30 No Alive (D60)
12-14 FA 4 RIC-ATG UCB No GVHD No 13 8.5 Disease (GT) None Cyclo + MMF
Stop MMF D4
Cidofovir 16 Brincidofovir D95-D125 + Cidofovir D125-D132 D70 Response at D14 No Alive (D30)
  1. All the patients who received UCB transplantation were infused with ADV-VST isolated from third party haplo-identical donors. All the patients who received PHSC transplantation were infused with ADV-VST isolated from original HSCT donors
  2. MAC myeloablative conditioning, ATG antithymocyte globulin, RIC reduce-intensity conditioning, PHSC peripheral hematopoietic stem cells, (M)MUD (mis-)matched unrelated donor, phenol UCB phenoidentical umbilical cord blood, ALL acute lymphoblastic leukemia, AML acute myeloblastic leukemia, MDS myelodysplastic syndrome, HL Hodgkin lymphoma, AA aplastic anemia, PID primary immunodeficiency, SS Shwachman syndrome, FA Fanconi anemia, IS immunosuppressives drugs, Cyclo cyclosporine, CST corticosteroid, MTX methotrexate, MMF mycophenolate mofetil, ECP extracorporal photopheresis, a/cGVHD acute/chronic graft versus host disease, ADV adenovirus, VSTs virus-specific T cells, IR immune reconstitution, D 0 day of VSTs infusion, m month, GT gastrointestinal tract, UN unavailable, NA not applicable