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Fig. 1

From: Single- or double-unit UCBT following RIC in adults with AL: a report from Eurocord, the ALWP and the CTIWP of the EBMT

Fig. 1

CBT outcomes in acute leukemia patients transplanted following RIC with one (sCBT, n = 172) or a two (dCBT, 362) CB unit(s). The figures show the unadjusted curves for sCBT patients and the adjusted curves for dCBT recipients. Curves were adjusted for age at transplantation (in decades), CR2 versus CR1, AML versus ALL, TCF conditioning versus other, ATG, cytogenetic poor versus good/intermediate, and cytogenetic missing versus good/intermediate. GRFS GVHD-free relapse-free survival, OS overall survival, RI relapse incidence, and NRM nonrelapse mortality

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