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Table 2 Genetic alterations in patients with DUX4-IGH and ZNF384 rearrangements

From: Transcriptome sequencing in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia identifies fusion genes associated with distinct DNA methylation profiles

Fusion gene Sample Mutated ALL driver genesa Copy number alterations
DUX4-IGH fusion gene
DUX4-IGH ALL_176 na ERG deletion
DUX4-IGH ALL_218 na Inconclusive
DUX4-IGH ALL_312 NRAS (p.G12D) ERG deletion
DUX4-IGH ALL_371 NRAS (p.G12D) ERG deletion
DUX4-IGH ALL_390 na ERG deletion
DUX4-IGH ALL_392 na ERG deletion
DUX4-IGH ALL_501 NRAS (p.G12S), KMT2D (p.H3883fs) ERG deletion
DUX4-IGH ALL_546 NRAS (p.G12S) ERG deletion
DUX4-chr8q24.21-IGH ALL_205 NRAS (p.G12D) Inconclusive
ZNF384-rearranged fusion genes
TCF3-ZNF384 ALL_604 PTPN11 (p.E76Q) chr7q deletion
TCF3-ZNF384 ALL_622 PTPN11 (p.T73I) chr7q deletion
TAF15-ZNF384, ZNF384-TAF15 ALL_8 NRAS (p.Q61H)
EP300-ZNF384, ZNF384-EP300 ALL_52 na
EP300-ZNF384, ZNF384-EP300 ALL_613 na
EP300-ZNF384 ALL_693 na
ATP5C1-ZNF384 ALL_257 CREBBP (p.R1408C)
  1. aKnown ALL driver genes are reported in this table
  2. na no targeted sequencing data available