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Table 2 The common features of nuclear receptors

From: A comprehensive data mining study shows that most nuclear receptors act as newly proposed homeostasis-associated molecular pattern receptors

Common features of nuclear receptors PMID
1. Five domain structures including N-terminal regulatory domain, DNA binding domain, hinge region, ligand-binding domain, and C-terminal domain 10406480/10751636/12893880
2. Lipophilic ligand-activated transcription factors including orphan receptors for unknown endogenous ligands 8,807,884/10671476
3. 48 known super human family members including seven groups, mice (49), rats (47), C. elephant (270) 10219237/9460643/15059999
4. 350 co-regulators to facilitate their functions 22733267
5. Transduce steroid, thyroid, retinoid, and other hormonal signals 11729302/8521507
6. Metabolic sensors and xenobiotic sensors for high-affinity ligands and low-affinity molecular patterns 20615454
7. Serve as the targets for 13% FDA-approved drugs 17139284