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Table 3 Clinical trials of CAR-T cells targeting non-CD19 antigens in China

From: Clinical trials of CAR-T cells in China

Target Antigen Disease CAR Vector NCT no.
CD20 Lymphoma 4-1BB-CD3ζ LV NCT01735604
CD20 B cell lymphoma CD3ζ and CD28 RV NCT02965157
CD20 B cell malignancies NA NA NCT02710149
CD22 CD19-refractory or resistant lymphoma TCRζ, 4-1BB RV NCT02721407
CD22 Recurrent or refractory B cell malignancy NA NA NCT02794961
CD22 B cell malignancies NA NA NCT02935153
CD30 Lymphoma NA LV NCT02274584
CD30 HL, NHL NA NA NCT02259556
CD30 Lymphocyte malignancies NA NA NCT02958410
CD33 AML 4-1BB-CD3ζ RV NCT01864902
CD33 AML NA NA NCT02799680
CD33 Myeloid malignancies NA NA NCT02958397
BCMA B cell malignancies NA NA NCT02954445
BCMA Multiple myeloma TCRζ, 4-1-BB RV NCT03093168
CD123 Leukemia NA NA NCT02937103
CD123 AML recurred after allo-HSCT 41BB-CD3ζ NA NCT03114670
CD138 Multiple myeloma 4-1BB-CD3ζ RV NCT01886976
CD138/BCMA Multiple myeloma NA NA NCT03196414
Lewis-Y Myeloid malignancies NA NA NCT02958384
  1. AMMS Academy of Military Medical Sciences, ALL acute lymphoblastic leukemia, AML acute myeloid leukemia, BCMA B cell maturation antigen, CTX cyclophosphamide, FLU fludarabine, HL Hodgkin’s lymphoma, LV lentiviral, MCL mantle cell lymphoma, NA not available, NHL non-Hodgkin lymphoma, RV retroviral, TCM traditional Chinese medicine