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Table 5 Clinical trials of CAR-T cells with fourth-generation CARs in China

From: Clinical trials of CAR-T cells in China

Target antigen Disease Vector NCT no.
CD19 B cell malignancies LV NCT03050190
CD19 B cell lymphomas LV NCT02247609
CD19 B cell leukemia LV NCT02968472
CD19/CD22 B cell leukemia, B cell lymphoma LV NCT03098355
CD19 and CD20/CD22/CD38/CD123 B cell malignancy LV NCT03125577
CD30 Lymphoma LV NCT02274584
PSMA, FRa Bladder cancer, urothelial carcinoma bladder NA NCT03185468
EGFRvIII Glioblastoma multiform NA NCT03170141
GD2 Neuroblastoma LV NCT02765243
GD2 Solid tumor LV NCT02992210
  1. LV lentiviral vector, NA not available