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Table 1 Exosomal proteins as potential diagnostic markers in various tumors

From: Exosomal proteins as potential markers of tumor diagnosis

Exosomal proteins Tumor Body fluid Isolation method Detection method Year Ref
NY-ESO-1 Lung Plasma Extracellular Vesicle Array Extracellular Vesicle Array 2016 [66]
PKG1, RALGAPA2, NFX1, TJP2 Breast Plasma Ultracentrifugation Parallel reaction monitoring (PRM) 2017 [2]
Her2 Breast Plasma Microfluidic chip Microfluidic chip 2017 [70]
Glypican-1 Breast Serum Ultracentrifugation and FACS FACS 2016 [5]
Glypican-1 Pancreatic Serum Ultracentrifugation and FACS Flow-cytometry and ELISA 2016 [5]
Glypican-1 Colorectal Plasma Immunocapture assays Flow-cytometry 2017 [76]
CEA Colorectal Serum Polymer precipitation ELISA 2017 [46]
Cholangiocarcinoma Serum Ultracentrifugation Western blot 2016 [77]
PSA Prostate Plasma Filtration and ultracentrifugation ELISA and nanoscale flow-cytometry 2017 [41]
GGT1 Prostate Serum Ultracentrifugation/DGC/SEC Western blot and fluorescent probe 2017 [80]
CD24, EpCAM,
Ovarian Plasma Microfluidic ExoSearch Chip Microfluidic ExoSearch Chip 2016 [86]