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Table 1 Mechanisms involved in dysregulated expression of the most relevant cancer-associated lncRNAs

From: MALAT1: a druggable long non-coding RNA for targeted anti-cancer approaches

Mechanism lncRNA Effect on lncRNA expression Reference
Chromosomal deletion DLEU1/2 Downregulation [23]
Chromosomal amplification PVT1 Upregulation [28]
Polymorphisms in enhancer regions HOTAIR Upregulation [29]
CpG methylation KIAA0495 Downregulation [32]
CpG methylation MEG3 Downregulation [34]
p53 lincRNA-p21 Upregulation [40]
p53 PINT Upregulation [41]
p53 H19 Downregulation [42]
MYC MYCLo1/2 Upregulation [46]
MYC PCAT1 Upregulation [50]
MYC H19 Upregulation [55]
MYC HOTAIR Upregulation [29]
Notch1 LUNAR Upregulation [58]
Notch1 NALT Upregulation [59]
ER DSCAM-AS1 Upregulation [63]
ER NEAT1 Upregulation [64]