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Table 1 Clinical trials investigating venetoclax as single agent in hematological malignancies

From: BCL-2 as therapeutic target for hematological malignancies

Disease(s) Study phase Estimated* or actual** enrollment Register number in clinical
NHL (non CLL/SLL/MCL) I 11** NCT01969695
R/R CLL after BCRis (ibrutinib or idelalisib) II 127** NCT02141282
R/R CLL/SLL and NHL I 211* NCT01328626
R/R AML or untreated AML unfit for intensive therapy II 32** NCT01994837
R/R or untreated CLL with 17p deletion II 158** NCT01889186
R/R CLL III 250* NCT02756611
R/R CLL with 17p deletion II 70* NCT02966756
R/R CLL III 200* NCT02980731
Waldenström Macroglobulinemia II 33** NCT02677324
  1. AML acute myelogenous leukemia, BCRi B-cell receptor signaling pathway inhibitors, CLL chronic lymphocytic lymphoma, NHL non-Hodgkin lymphoma, R/R relapsed/refractory, SLL small lymphocytic lymphoma, V venetoclax
  2. Results retrieved from the Clinical Trials database (, accessed at 20 Feb 2018 *Estimated enrollment at the time of Clinical Trials database access. **Actual enrollment at the time of Clinical Trials database access
  3. The following studies were not included in this table: study with status “withdrawn” (NCT02095574); studies on myelodysplasic syndromes, and observational studies (NCT03415035 and NCT03342144)