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Table 3 Representative immune cell subset changes in human diseases

From: Immune cell subset differentiation and tissue inflammation

Cells Changes Tissues PMID#
Atherosclerosis (carotid/coronary atherosclerosis, stenosis, cardiovascular death, nonhemorrhagic stroke)
 TC TC↑, PD-1+Tim-3+CD8+ TC↑, Th17/Th1 TC↑Th1 TC↑, CD4+LAP+ or CD4+CD25+ Treg TC↓CD3+CD4+CD45RACD45RO+CCR7 T(EM) TC↑ PBMC 260352072152475023130116
 BC TC/BC↑ Fibro-fatty (aorta, coronary) 24122585
 MC CD14++CD16+ MC↑, CD14++CD16CCR2+ MC↑CD14+CD16++CCR2- MC↑ PBMC 2299972825012963
 MØ CD86+ M1 MØ↑, M2 MØ↑ PBMC, rupture-prone shoulder regions, Adventitial tissue 23078881
Acute myocardial infarction
 MC CD14++CD16-CCR2+TLR4+ MC↑CD14+CD16++CCR2+TLR4+ MC↑ PBMC 23121518
Hypercholesterolemia (total serum C levels > 200 mg/dl or 6.5 mmol/L, LDL-C > 160 mg/dl, serum TG ≤ 300 mg/dl)
 TC CD3+ TC↑, CD4+ TC↑, CD8+ TC↑ PBMC 8546748
 MC CD14dimCD16+ non-classical MC↑CD64CD16+ non-classical MC↑ PBMC 103812988977447
Infection (HCMV with CAP, HIV on stable ART with CAC)
 TC Lymphocyte↑, CD3+ TC↑, CD4+ TC↑, CD8+ TC↑, Th1 TC↑, CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ Treg TC↓CD8+IL-6Rαlow T(EM) TC↑, CD8+CD57+ TC↑ Subintimal PBMC 239689792636053027062409
 MC CD14++CD16+ MC↑, CD14++CD16- MC↑CD14+CD16++ MC↓, CD14+CD16++ MC↑ PBMC 2636053024118494
Chronic kidney diseases
 MC CD14+CD16+ non-classical MC↑ PBMC 26,877,933
Early rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus
 TC CD8+CD31+CXCR4+ TC↑ PBMC 1780453027065298
Obese, pre-diabetes, diabetes mellitus type 2
 TC NKT-like TC↑, CD3+CD56+ NKT TC↑ PBMC 24554505
 MC CD14++CD16+ MC↑, CD14+CD16++ MC↑ PBMC 21799175
Endarterectomy (CEA and endarterectomy at the femoropopliteal level)
 TC NKTs↑, TC↑ PBMC, plaques 27051078
 DC CD11b+ cDC↑ PBMC, plaques 27051078
 MØ MMP-12+CD68+ MØ↑ Culprit sections 23316311
Colorectal cancer
 TC NKT cells↑ PBMC 22220404