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Table 11 circRNAs in osteosarcoma

From: Function and clinical significance of circRNAs in solid tumors

circBase ID (alias) Host gene Putative function Upregulated/downregulated miRNA sponge Target gene/pathway Reference
hsa_circ_0016347 KCNH1 miRNA sponge Upregulated [119]
circ-UBAP2 UBAP2 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-143 [120]
hsa_circ_0001564 CANX miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-29c [121]
hsa_circ_0009910 MFN2 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-449a JAK1/STAT3 [122]
hsa_circRNA_103801 miRNA sponge* Upregulated miR-370 [123]
hsa_circRNA_104980 miRNA sponge* Downregulated [123]
  1. *Not validated experimentally