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Table 7 circRNAs in HCC

From: Function and clinical significance of circRNAs in solid tumors

circBase ID (alias) Host gene Putative function Upregulated/downregulated miRNA sponge Target gene/pathway Reference
hsa_circ_0001649 SHPRH Downregulated [85]
hsa_circ_0001727 ZKSCAN1 miRNA sponge* Downregulated [86]
hsa_circ_0005075 EIF4G3 miRNA sponge* Upregulated [82]
hsa_circ_0000284 HIPK3 miRNA sponge* Upregulated miR-124, miR-152 [4]
miR-193a, miR-29a
miR-29b, miR-338
miR-379, miR-584
hsa_circ_0007874 MTO1 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-9 p21 [87]
hsa_circ_0004018 SMYD4 miRNA sponge* Downregulated [83]
hsa_circ_0003570 FAM53B Downregulated [84]
hsa_circ_0001946 CDR1 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-7 CCNE1, PIK3CD [93]
hsa_circ_0001946 CDR1 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-7 [94]
has_circ_0067934 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-1324 FZD5/Wnt/β-catenin [96]
hsa_circ_0067531 PIK3CB Downregulated [89]
hsa_circ_0001445 SMARCA5 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-17, miR-181b TIMP3 [90]
hsa_circ_0001946 CDR1 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-7 EGFR [95]
hsa_circRNA_100,338 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-141 [92]
hsa_circ_0005986 PRDM2 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-129 Notch1 [91]
  1. *Not validated experimentally