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Table 8 circRNAs in glioma

From: Function and clinical significance of circRNAs in solid tumors

circBase ID (alias) Host gene Putative function Upregulated/downregulated miRNA sponge Target gene/pathway Reference
circ-VCAN VCAN Upregulated [97]
circ-ZNF292 ZNF292 Downregulated Wnt/β-catenin [101]
hsa_circ_0000594 TTBK2 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-217 HNF1β/Derlin-1 [102]
hsa_circ_0001946 CDR1 miRNA sponge Downregulated miR-671 [98]
circ-BRAF BRAF Downregulated [106]
hsa_circ_0046701 YES1 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-142 ITGB8 [99]
circ-SHKBP1 SHKBP1 miRNA sponge Upregulated miR-544a, miR-379 FOXP1, FOXP2 [100]
circ-FBXW7 FBXW7 Translating protein Downregulated [103]
hsa_circ_0001445 SMARCA5 RNA-binding proteins Downregulated SRSF1 [104]
circ-SHPRH SHPRH Translating protein Downregulated [105]