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Table 2 LncRNAs involved in regulating cell proliferation

From: Long non-coding RNAs in hematological malignancies: translating basic techniques into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

Disease type lncRNA involved Cell proliferation approach Mechanism/Effect on cell proliferation Gene manipulation system References
AML CASC15 MTS assay CASC15 expression may limit cell proliferation by regulation SOX4 expression siRNA [93]
AML CCAT1 CKK-8 assay Promotes cell proliferation by sequestering tumor suppressive miR155 shRNA [89]
AML MEG3 MTT assay Suppresses cell proliferation through inducing G0/G1 cell cycle arrest siRNA [91]
AML NEAT1 CCK-8 assay Modulates cell proliferation by regulating miR-23a-3p/SMC1A pcDNA3.1-NEAT1 (overexpression of NEAT1) [90]
AML TUG1 CKK-8 assay Increases cell proliferation through targeting AURKA Lentiviral vector-mediated gene manipulation [92]
AML UCA1 Trypan Blue exclusion assay Sustains cell proliferation by repressing p27kip1 expression shRNA [87]
ALL LINC-PINT MTS assay Overexpressed linc-PINT decreases cell proliferation through apoptosis activation and cell cycle arrest at G2/M phase Overexpression of linc-PINT by linc-PINT-pCDNA3 [94]
ALL NALT CKK-8 assay Upexpressed NALT promotes cell proliferation through interacting with NOTCH signaling pathway shRNA [86]
APL PVT1 CKK-8 assay Promotes cell proliferation by MYC siRNA [95]
CML HULC MTT assay Promotes cell proliferation by regulating PI3K/AKT signaling pathway shRNA [97]
CML MEG3 MTT assay Overexpressed MEG3 inhibits cell proliferation by sponging miR-21 pLVX-hMEG3-ZsGreen-Puro lentiviral overexpression vector [96]
CML MEG3 CCK-8 assay Overexpressed MEG3 inhibits cell proliferation by inhibiting miR-184 siRNA [188]
CML PLIN2 MTT assay Overexpressed PLIN2 promotes cell proliferation through activating GSK-3β and β-catenin shRNA [98]
CLL BM742401 MTT assay Overexpressed BM742401 inhibits cell proliferation through caspase-9 dependent intrinsic pathway ASO [88]