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Table 3 LncRNAs involved in cell cycle regulation

From: Long non-coding RNAs in hematological malignancies: translating basic techniques into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

Name of lncRNA Effects on cell cycle stage(s) References
LncRNA-HEIH Suppresses p16. p21, p27, and p57 transcription with PRC2 (G0/G1) [109]
MEG3 Suppresses cyclin D1 and induction of cell cycle arrest in G0/G1 phase [110]
ANRIL Suppresses CDK inhibitors encoded by the INK4 locus
Suppresses transcription of p14, p15, and p16 in DNA damage response (G1)
[189, 190]
HOTAIR Regulates expression of cell cycle regulators such as cyclin D1, cyclin E, CDK2, CDK4, E2F1 (G1/S) [107, 108]
HOXA11-AS Suppresses CDK inhibitors p16, p21, p27, and Rb protein (G1/S) [40]
NcRNACCND1 Suppresses transcription of cyclin D1 (G1/S) [111]
PANDA Suppresses CDK inhibitor p21 produced from CDKN1A locus
Suppresses transcription of p18 (G1/S)
[39, 112]
MALAT1 Regulates cell cycle via interaction with hnRNP C
Promotes cell-cycle regulators such as cyclin A2 and B1 (G1 and G2/M)
[105, 106, 191]