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Table 5 Anti-cancer drug resistance-associated lncRNAs in CML

From: Long non-coding RNAs in hematological malignancies: translating basic techniques into diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

lncRNA Sample source Functional involvement and mechanism of action lncRNAs in drug resistance Approaches for lncRNAs characterization in drug resistance References
Cell proliferation/cytotoxicity, cell viability assay Manipulation approaches for lncRNAs Mechanism characterization approach
UCA1 Imatinib-resistant cell lines Modulates imatinib resistance by acting as a ceRNA against miR-16 CCK-8 assay siRNAs RIP assay, Dual-luciferase reporter assay [123]
SNHG5 Patient samples, imatinib-resistant cell lines Promotes imatinib resistance through acting as ceRNA against miR-205-5p MTT assay siRNAs RIP assay, Luciferase reporter assay [125]
HOTAIR Multidrug-resistant patient samples, imatinib-resistant cell lines Modulates MDR to imatinib resistance through activating PI3K/Akt-dependent pathway MTT assay, Annexin V/propidium iodide (PI) staining assay siRNAs [126]
MEG3 Patient samples, imatinib-resistant cell lines Inhibits imatinib resistance by suppressing miR-21 CCK-8 assay, Annexin V-FITC/PI Apoptosis Detection Kit Overexpression Luciferase reporter assay [127]