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Table 1 Preclinical data for anti-CLL-1 antibody-based therapy

From: Targeting CLL-1 for acute myeloid leukemia therapy

Study Antibody type In vitro efficacy Animal model In vivo efficacy Adverse effect
Zheng 2019 [41] Anti-CLL-1-PBD Highly active against AML cell line and primary AML cells Mice Significant decrease in leukemia burden No weight loss and signs of moribundity
Cynomolgus monkeys N/A Well toleration; welling at injection site; remarkable decrease of granulocyte and monocyte, minimal decrease of RBC; no effect on PLT and lymphocytes
Jiang 2018 [43] Anti-CLL-1-IQB Effective to AML cell line and primary AML cell; inhibit LSC colony formation Mice Significant decrease in leukemia burden No effect on engraftment or differentiation of CD34+ cells
Zhao 2010 [19] Anti-CLL-1 antibody Effective to AML cell line and primary AML cells Mice Delayed tumor growth N/A
Wiersma 2015 [44] scFvCLL-1:TRAIL Upregulating TRAIL on granulocytes, improving anti-tumor activity of granulocyte; enhancing ADCC. N/A N/A N/A
Leong 2017 [1] Anti-CLL-1/anti–CD3 bispecific antibody Highly active against CLL-1+ AML cell lines and clinical AML samples, especially for CD3H. Cynomolgus monkeys N/A Vascular shock with CLL-1/CD3H; well toleration with CLL-1/CD3L. Evident decrease of monocyte and granulocyte, early decrease of lymphocyte.
Lu 2014 [46] Anti-CLL-1/anti–CD3 bispecific antibody High cytotoxicity to AML cell lines, modest cytotoxicity to primary AML. Mice Elimination of the tumor No effect on body weight and other status
Loo 2015 [47] Anti-CLL-1/anti–CD3 bispecific antibody Efficiently activating T cells, potent anti-leukemia against primary AML cells N/A N/A N/A
  1. PBD pyrrolobenzodiazepine, IQB isoquinolidinobenzodiazepine, PLT platelet, RBC red blood cell, PB peripheral blood, scFV single-chain variable fragment, TRAIL tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand, ADCC antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity, CD3H CD3 with high-affinity arm, CD3L CD3 with low-affinity arm