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Table 2 Preclinical data of CLL-1 CAR-T cell therapy

From: Targeting CLL-1 for acute myeloid leukemia therapy

Study Generation Costimulatory domain Transduction method In vitro efficacy Impact on normal cells NSG mice model
Tashiro 2017 [31] Second 4-1BB Retrovirus Potent and specific cytotoxicity against CLL-1+ targets Cytotoxic to mature myeloid cells, sparing myeloid progenitor cells Significantly prolonged survival
Laborda 2017 [50] Second 4-1BB Lentivirus Robust toxicity on AML cell lines and patient-derived AML blast Minor decrease in CFU-GM, no impact on BFU-E, CFU-GEMM, and HSC; Neutropenia. Complete elimination of leukemia by day 90
Kenderian 2016 [51] Second 4-1BB Lentivirus Modest effect to primary AML blasts; highly effective to CLL-1+ AML cell lines. N/A 100% survival at day 200 in combination with cytarabine while 20% in untreated.
Wang 2018 [28] Third CD28 and 4-1BB Lentivirus Specific and strong lysis of AML cell line and primary AML blasts Eradicating mature granulocytes, variable elimination of progenitors, sparing HSC Significantly decreased leukemia burden and prolonged survival
Togni 2018 [52] Second 4-1BB Lentivirus Dose-dependent killing efficacy N/A Significantly prolonged survival with CLL-1 CART-A while not with CART-B
  1. NSG NOD/SCID IL2RγCnull, CFU-GM granulocyte-macrophage progenitor colonies, BFU-E burst-forming units-erythroid, CFU-GEMM colony-forming units-granulocyte, erythroid, macrophage, megakaryocyte