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Table 3 Clinical data of CAR-T cell therapy

From: Targeting CLL-1 for acute myeloid leukemia therapy

Study identifier ICG136 ICG144 NCT03222674 NCT03631576
Clinical phase I I I/II II/III
Target CLL-1/CD33 CLL-1/CD33 Muc1/CLL-1/CD33/CD38/CD56/CD123 CD123/CLL-1
Generation Second Second Fourth N/A
Costimulatory domain CD28 for CLL-1/4-1BB for CD33 CD28 for CLL-1/4-1BB for CD33 N/A N/A
Transduction method Lentivirus Lentivirus N/A N/A
Patient number 1 1 10 20
Age (years) 44 6 2–75 75
Conditioning chemotherapy FC FC N/A N/A
CAR-T dose 7 × 105/kg 1 × 106/kg/days × 2 days N/A N/A
Study start N/A N/A 2017 2018
Estimated completion date N/A N/A 2020 2021
Status N/A N/A Recruiting Recruiting
Results MRD− followed by sibling matched HSCT complete response, followed by Haplo-HSCT N/A N/A
Adverse events Grade 1 CRS, pancytopenia Grade 1 CRS, grade 3 neurotoxicity, pancytopenia N/A N/A
  1. FC fludarabine and cyclophosphamide, CRS cytokine release syndrome, FLT-ITD FMS-like tyrosine kinase-3- internal tandem duplication