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Table 2 CircRNAs in acute myeloid leukemia

From: Role of microRNAs, circRNAs and long noncoding RNAs in acute myeloid leukemia

circRNAs Altered expression Targets Function Reference
f-circPR ↑in NB4 cells   Promote proliferation and colony formation of leukemia cells [148]
f-circM9 ↑in THP-1 cells and K562 cells   Promote proliferation and colony formation of leukemia cells; knockout of f-circM9 increased apoptosis of THP1 [148]
hsa_circ_0075001 ↑in AML(M0 or M1)↓in AML(M2, M4 and M5)   Hsa_circ_0075001 expression relates positively to total NPM1 expression, independent of the NPM1 mutational status; high hsa_circ_0075001 expression decreased expression of components of the Toll-like receptor signaling pathway [150]
circ-ANAPC7 ↑in AML patients BM miR-181 family Unknown [151]
circ-100290 ↑in BM cells from AML patients and AML cell lines miR-203 Increase cell proliferation and inhibited apoptosis via interacting with miR-203/Rab10 axis [152]
circPAN3 ↑ircPAN3138" \o "Fan H, 2018 #193" or>Fan H</Author><
↑ircPAN3138" \o "Fan H, 2018 #193" or>Fan H</Author><Year>2018
Downregulation of circPAN3 by siRNA restores ADM sensitivity of THP-1/ADM cells depend on miR-153-5p/miR-183-5p-XIAP axis [153]
circ_0009910 ↑irc_000perients BM miR-20a-5p Promoted cell proliferation, inhibited apoptosis and predicted adverse prognosis [154]
circ-HIPK2 Mutation of HIPK2 in AML and MDS   Impair AML1- and p53-mediated transcription  
↓in APL patients PB and NB4 cells miR-124-3p Influence ATRA-induced differentiation of APL cells [155]
circ-DLEU2 ↓in pediatric AML-M5   Hypermethylation of DLEU2 affected prognosis [156]
↑in CN-AML patients BMand AML cell lines miR-496 Promote AML cells proliferation and inhibited cell apoptosis and AML tumor formation in vivo via suppressing miR-496 and promoting PRKACB expression [157]
has_cir_0004277 ↓in mononuclear cells from AML patients BM   Increasing level of hsa_circ_0004277 is associated with chemotherapy [158]
circPVT1 Overexpression in AML-amp   Unknown [147]
  1. Abbreviations: amp amplicons involving chromosome band 8q24, BM bone marrow, PB peripheral blood, CN-AML cytogenetically normal AML, THP-1/ADM cell doxorubicin (ADM)-resistant THP-1 AML cell