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Table 3 lncRNAs in acute myeloid leukemia

From: Role of microRNAs, circRNAs and long noncoding RNAs in acute myeloid leukemia

lncRNAs Altered expression Targets Function Reference
PVT1 ↑in AEL/APL   Protect MYC from degradation to promoted promyelocytes proliferation [163]
CRNDE ↑in AML cell lines   Promote cell proliferation and arrest cell cycle in G0-G1 phase [168]
MEG3 ↓in AML   Promote AML leukemogenesis [172]
CCD26 ↑in NPM1-mutated AML c-Kit Control the growth of AML cells [176]
H19 ↑in AML-M2 patients has-miR-19a/b Regulated the expression of ID2 through competitive binding to miR-19a/b to increase cells proliferation [186]
NEAT1 ↓in AML blood sample and AML cell lines miR-23a-3p Increase myeloid cell proliferation and ATRA-induced myeloid differentiation, and induce apoptosis [187]
UCA1 ↑in AML cell lines and CN-AMLwith biallelic CEBPA miR-126, RAC1 Increased cell proliferation, inhibited apoptosis, migration, and invasion by sponging miR-126 [188]
↑in AML cell lines and CN-AML with biallelic CEBPA p27kip1 Role in promoting cells proliferation is to sequester hnRNP I to inhibit the expression of the cell cycle regulator p27kip1 [167]
↑in HL-60 and HL-60/ADR miR-125a Poor chemotherapy overcome [189]
HOTAIR ↑in de novo AML patients miR-193a;c-Kit Increase AML cells proliferation, inhibited apoptosis and infiltration of leukemic blasts and number of AML cells colony formation, and shorten overall survival time [190]
↑in LSC p15 Promote the self-renewal of leukemia stem cells [191]
CCAT1 ↑in HL60 and AML PB miR-155, c-Myc Upregulated c-Myc expression to increased cells proliferation and differentiation by its competing endogenous RNA (ceRNA) activity on miR-155 [192]
FTX ↑in U937 and THP-1 miR-342, ALG3 Drug resistance [193]
PANDAR ↑ANDARLINK   Predict adverse prognosis in AML [181]
HOXA-AS2 ↑in APL TRAIL-mediated pathway Lead to fine-tuning of apoptosis during ATRA-induced myeloid differentiation [194]
↑00PERLINK \l "_ENREF_200" \o "Zhao H, 2013 #197" or><adriamycin-based chemotherapy and in U/A and T/A cells miR-520c-3p/S100A4 Axis Knockdown of lncRNA HOXA-AS2 inhibited ADR cell proliferation and chemoresistance of AML by the miR-520c-3p/S100A4 Axis, and promoted apoptosis [195]
HOTAIRM1 ↑in AML cell lines HOXA1, HOXA4, CD11b,CD18,miR-20a/106b
Regulate myeloid cell differentiation and cell cycle via enhancing the autophagy pathway and PML-RARα degradation [161]
[196] [197] [198]
IRAN ↑in AML IGF1R long-range DNA interactions [199]
RUNXOR ↑in AML RUNX1 Participate in chromosomal translocation [200]
ANRIL ↑in AML patients at diagnosis
↓in patients after CR
ANRIL/AdipoR1/AMPK/SIR pathway Promote cell survival [201]
vtRNA2-1    Regulate pPKR [202]
linc-223 ↓in AML cell lines IRF4; miR-125-5p Control proliferation and differentiation of AML cells and IRF4 downregulation by binding miR-125-5p [203]
LINC00899 ↑INC00899K \l "_ENREF_13patients   As a novel serum biomarker for diagnosis and prognosis of AML [204]
  1. Abbreviations: CR complete remission, PB peripheral blood, CN-AML cytogenetically normal AML, (U/A) U937/ADR cell, (T/A) THP-1/ADR cell