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Table 3 Ongoing studies of immunotherapy in extensive stage small cell lung cancer

From: Emerging therapies for small cell lung cancer

Phase Study Treatment arms identifier Estimated primary completion date
First line
 II REACTION Cisplatin/carboplatin + etoposide + pembrolizumab vs. cisplatin/carboplatin + etoposide NCT02580994 August 2020
 III CASPIAN Durvalumab+ tremelimumab+ cisplatin/carboplatin + etoposide vs. durvalumab+ cisplatin/carboplatin + etoposide vs. cisplatin/carboplatin + etoposide NCT03043872 September 2019
 III CheckMate-451 Nivolumab vs. nivolumab + ipilimumab vs. placebo NCT02538666 October 2018
 I/II CheckMate-331 Nivolumab vs. topotecan vs. amrubicin NCT02481830 August 2018
 II Winship3112-15 Tremelimumab + durvalumab vs. tremelimumab + durvalumab + radiation NCT02701400 January 2020
 II AFT-17 Pembrolizumab vs. topotecan NCT02963090 May 2019
 I/II CA001-030 BMS-986012 vs. BMS-986012 ± nivolumab NCT02247349 October 2019
 I/II MEDIOLA Durvalumab + olaparib vs. durvalumab + olaparib + bevacizumab NCT02734004 March 2023