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Table 2 Clinical trials of DLL3-targeted therapies in SCLC that have been completed

From: DLL3: an emerging target in small cell lung cancer

Treatment Setting Primary objective Phase N ID Results Ref.
Rovalpituzumab tesirine SCLC, LCNEC Safety 1/2 82 (74 SCLC) NCT01901653 ORR, 18% (11/60) [36]
Rovalpituzumab tesirine SCLC, 3rd line, and beyond ORR, OS 2 339 NCT02674568 ORR, 12.4% (9.1, 16.4); median OS, 5.6 months (4.9, 6.1) [37]
  1. LCNEC large cell neuroendocrine cancer, ORR overall response rate, OS overall survival, SCLC small cell lung cancer