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Fig. 2

From: Engineering switchable and programmable universal CARs for CAR T therapy

Fig. 2

The schematic structures of switching modules. a SUPRA CAR. A switch molecule (SM) with a leucine zipper linked to an antigen-specific scFv (TAA-binding motif) (A leucine zipper) paired with a cognate leucine zipper-containing universal receptor (B leucine zipper) linked to the intracellular signaling domain (SD) of the engineered T cells. b BBIR CAR. BBIR CAR is composed of an extracellular avidin motif linked to an intracellular signaling domain. The switch molecule is a biotinylated antigen-binding motif, i.e., a monoclonal antibody, scFv, or other tumor-specific ligands that selectively bind to avidin within the BBIR. c Switch modules with neo-epitope tagging. In this platform, the switching modules contain a neo-epitope that is tagged to a TAA-binding motif. The CAR is composed of a neo-epitope-specific scFv linked to the intracellular SD domain. These neo-epitopes are usually exogenous amino acid epitopes that are not present in human. Three tags are currently explored, FITC, 5B9, and PNE

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