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Fig. 2

From: LINC01123, a c-Myc-activated long non-coding RNA, promotes proliferation and aerobic glycolysis of non-small cell lung cancer through miR-199a-5p/c-Myc axis

Fig. 2

LINC01123 facilitates NSCLC cell proliferation in vitro. a Expression of LINC01123 in five NSCLC cell lines (A549, H1299, H1650, H1975, PC9) and two normal lung cell line (HBE and IMR-90) was analyzed by qRT-PCR. b The expression of LINC01123 was knocked down by two different siRNAs in both H1299 and A549 cells. Relative expression levels of LINC01123 were significantly upregulated in A549 cell after transfection with pcDNA-1123. ce Cell proliferation was analyzed by CCK-8 assay, colony formation, and immunofluorescence analysis with Edu. Knockdown of LINC01123 expression significantly inhibited cell proliferation in H1299 and A549 cells, while ectopic induced of LINC01123 promoted cell proliferation in A549 cells. Scale bar = 100 μm (colony) or 20 μm (Edu). Data shown are mean ± SD (n = 3). (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001)

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