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Table 1 Current clinical trials of neoantigen-based cancer vaccines

From: Tumor neoantigens: from basic research to clinical applications

Interventions NCT number Phase Enrollment status Cancer types Combinations
Neoantigen vaccine NCT03558945 I Recruiting Pancreatic tumor None
Neoantigen vaccine NCT03359239 I Recruiting Urothelial/bladder cancer Atezolizumab
Neoantigen vaccine NCT03645148 I Recruiting Pancreatic cancer GM-CSF
Peptide vaccine NCT03558945 II Not yet recruiting TNBC Nab-paclitaxel, Durvalumab
Peptide vaccine NCT03929029 I Not yet recruiting Melanoma Nivolumab, ipilimumab
Peptide vaccine NCT03715985 I Recruiting Solid tumors None
Peptide vaccine NCT01970358 I Active, not recruiting Melanoma None
Peptide vaccine NCT03639714 I/II Recruiting Solid tumors Nivolumab, ipilimumab
Peptide vaccine NCT03956056 I Not yet recruiting Pancreatic cancer Adjuvant chemotherapy
Peptide vaccine NCT02287428 I Active, not recruiting Glioblastoma Radiation therapy
Peptide vaccine NCT02950766 I Recruiting Kidney cancer Ipilimumab
Peptide vaccine NCT03219450 I Not yet recruiting Lymphocytic leukemia Cyclophosphamide
Peptide vaccine NCT03422094 I Recruiting Glioblastoma Nivolumab, ipilimumab
DC vaccine NCT03871205 I Not yet recruiting Lung cancer None
DC vaccine NCT02956551 I Recruiting NSCLC None
DC vaccine NCT03674073 I Recruiting Hepatocellular carcinoma Microwave ablation
DC vaccine NCT03300843 II Recruiting Solid tumors None
RNA vaccine NCT03908671 Not Applicable Not yet recruiting Esophageal cancer, NSCLC None
RNA vaccine NCT03480152 I/II Recruiting Solid tumors None
RNA vaccine NCT03468244 Not Applicable Recruiting Solid tumors None
DNA vaccine NCT03532217 I Recruiting Prostate cancer Nivolumab, Ipilimumab
DNA vaccine NCT03122106 I Recruiting Pancreatic cancer Adjuvant chemotherapy
DNA vaccine NCT03199040 I Recruiting TNBC Durvalumab
  1. GM-CSF granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor, TNBC triple negative breast cancer, NSCLC non-small cell lung cancer, DC dendritic cells