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Table 1 TCR-like antibodies in human diseases. Information of published TCR-like antibodies was collected from literature and reference [18] with the consent of the authors

From: TCR-like antibodies in cancer immunotherapy

Antigen Epitope sequence MHC allele Diseases targeted Function TCR-like antibody format Clone Generation strategy Reference
MAGE1 EADPTGHSY HLA-A*0101 Melanoma Detection Fab Fab-G8 Phage [20]
EADPTGHSY HLA-A*0101 Melanoma CAR-T Fab Fab-G8 Phage [21]
EADPTGHSY HLA-A*0101 Melanoma CAR-T Fab Fab-G8/Fab-Hyb3 Phage [22]
GP100 KTWGQYWQV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Detection Fab G2D12, G3G4 Phage [23, 24]
IMDQVPFSV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Detection Fab 1A9, 1C8, 1A11, 1A7 Phage [23, 24]
YLEPGPVTV/A HLA-A*0201 Melanoma detection/inhibition Fab 2F1, 2B2, 2C5, 2D1 Phage [23, 24]
IMDQVPFSV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Immunotoxin scFv-PE38 G1 Phage [16]
ITDQVPFSV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma CAR-T sdAb-CAR GPA7 Phage [25]
LLLTVLTVL HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Immunotoxin Fab 2F1-PE38KDEL Phage [26]
hTERT ILAKFLHWL HLA-A*0201 Melanoma, prostate cancer Detection/inhibition Fab 4A9, 4G9 Phage [27]
RLVDDFLLV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma, prostate cancer Detection/inhibition Fab 3H2, 3G3 Phage [27]
MUC1 LLLTVLTVV HLA-A*0201 Breast cancer Detection Fab M2B1, M2F5, M3A1, M3B8, M3C8 Phage [28]
NY-ESO-1 SLIMWITQC HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Detection/inhibition Fab 3M4E5;3M4F4;T1 Phage [29]
MAGE3 FLWGPRALV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Detection mIgG1 7D4, 8A11, 2G12, 9E6 Hybridoma [30]
hCGβ GVLPALPQV HLA-A*0201 Ovarian, colon, breast cancer CDC, ADCC, direct mIgG2a RL4B/3.2G1 Hybridoma [31]
GVLPALPQV HLA-A*0201 Ovarian, colon, breast cancer Detection IgG1 1B10 Hybridoma [21]
TMTRVLQGV HLA-A*0201 Ovarian, colon, breast cancer Detection IgG1 3F9 Hybridoma [32]
Her2/Neu KIFGSLAFL HLA-A*0201 Breast, colon cancer Detection/inhibition IgG1 1B8 Hybridoma [33]
Melan-A/MART-1 EAAGIGILTV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Detection Fab 2M3F11;3N4E9;2N4B4;E6;H4 Phage [34]
EAAGIGILTV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Immunotoxin Fab-PE38 CAG10, CLA12 Phage [26]
TARP FLRNFSLML HLA-A*0201 Breast, prostate cancer Immunotoxin Fab-PE38 Fab-D2 Phage [35]
p53 RMPEAAPPV HLA-A*0201 Various tumors, breast cancer ADCC, ADCP, CDC IgG1 T1-116C Hybridoma [36]
RMPEAAPPV HLA-A*0201 Detection IgG1, IgG2b T1-29D, T1-84C Hybridoma [37]
GLAPPQHLIRV HLA-A*0201 Detection IgG1, IgG2a, IgG1 T2-108A, T2-2A, T2-116A Hybridoma [37]
Tyrosinase YMDGTMSQV HLA-A*0201 Melanoma Detection Fab TA2 Phage [38]
p68 YLLPAIVHI HLA-A*0201 Breast cancer ADCP/direct mIgG2a RL6A Hybridoma [39]
MIF FLSELTQQL HLA-A*0201 Breast cancer CDC, ADCC, direct IgG2a RL21A Hybridoma [40]
Proteinase 3 VLQELNVTV HLA-A*0201 AML CDC, CAR-T IgG2a 8F4 Hybridoma [41, 42]
WT1 RMFPNAPYL HLA-A*0201 Leukemia, ovarian, colon cancer ADCC, ADCP hIgG1 ESK1 Phage [15]
RMFPNAPYL HLA-A*0201 Leukemia CAR-T Fab F2, F3 Phage [43]
RMFPNAPYL HLA-A*0201 Leukemia ADCC, CAR-T scFv Clone45 Phage [44]
HA-1H VLHDDLLEA HLA-A*0201 Leukemia CAR-T scFv, scFv-CAR #131 Phage [11]
PRAME ALYVDSLFFL HLA-A*0201 Leukemia, lymphoma ADCC, CDC, ADCP hIgG1 Pr20 Phage [45]
HTLV-1(TAX-11) LLFGYPVYV HLA-A*0201 T-Cell leukemia/lymphoma Detection Fab T3A4,T3D4;T3F2;T3E3;T3D3;T2H9 Phage [46, 47]
Influenza(M1-58) GILGFVFTL HLA-A*0201 Flu Detection Fab M1-D1,M1-G8;M1-D12;M1-A2 Phage [48]
HBV (ENV-183) FLLTRILTI HLA-A*0201 Hepatitis B Detection/intracellular delivery of cargo mIgG1 N/A Hybridoma [49]
HIV-1 (Nef-105) RRQDILWIY HLA-C*07 AIDS Surface co-expression with fas-ligand on virion particle Fab C3 Phage [50]
HIV-1 (elf4G-720) VLMTEDIKL HLA-A*0201 AIDS Detection mIgG1 4F7 Hybridoma [51]
HIV-1 (Nef-138) RYPLTFGWCF HLA-A*2401 AIDS Detection Fab scFv#3, scFv#27 Phage [52]
CMV (pp65-495) NLVPMVATV HLA-A*0201 Mucoepidermoid carcinoma Detection Fab H9 Phage [53]