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Table 3 MDSCs in leukemia and MDS

From: Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in hematological malignancies: friends or foes

Disease cases (n) MDSC subgroups/phenotype definition Clinical finding Mechanism/intervention Year/reference
AML, n = 8 eMDSCs
CD11b + HLA-DR-CD33 + lin-
Higher MDSCs in PB and BM vs. healthy donor
MDSCs contribute to tumor-related immune suppression
MUC1 mediates MDSC expansion via the promotion of c-myc expression in secreted extracellular vesicles. 2017 [50]
AML, n = 30 MDSCs
CD11b + HLA-DR-CD33+
Higher VISTA+ cells among MDSCs from AML patients vs. healthy controls VISTA knockdown diminished the inhibition of CD8 T cell activity by MDSCs in AML 2018 [51]
ALL-B, n = 43 G-MDSCs
HLA-DR−/low CD11b + CD33int/high
Higher MDSCs in PB and BM vs. healthy donor B-ALL-derived G-MDSCs was mediated through the production of reactive oxygen species and required direct cell-cell contact, with the potential participation of STAT3 signaling. 2017 [52]
APL, n = 31 M-MDSCs
CD33 + CD14 + HLA-DR-
Higher MDSCs in PB vs. healthy donor
ATRA treatment reverses the increase of ILC2-MDSC in APL
ILC2-derived IL-13 promotes functional M-MDSC 2017 [53]
MDS, n = 12 MDSCs
Higher MDSCs in PB vs. healthy donor Interaction of S100A9 with CD33 promoted MDSCs and induce secretion of IL-10 and TGF-β
Early forced maturation of MDSC rescued the hematologic phenotype
2013 [54]
MDS, n = 40 eMDSCs
Activation of the CD33 pathway of MDSCs can cause reactive oxygen species (ROS)-induced genomic instability. Fc-engineered monoclonal antibody against CD33 reduce MDSC, block CD33 downstream signaling preventing immune-suppressive cytokine secretion, and reduced both ROS and the levels of double strand breaks and adducts 2017 [55]
CML, n = 36 MDSCs
CD11b + CD14 − CD33+
PB MDSC levels were increased in samples from Sokal high-risk patients Arginase 1↑PD-L1/PD-1 on T cells↑ 2013 [56]
CML, n = 19 G-MDSCs
CD11b + CD33 + CD14-HLADR-
PB MDSC levels were increased at diagnosis and returned to normal after therapy Higher Arg1 expression in MDSCs 2014 [57]
CLL, n = 41 M-MDSCs
CD14 + HLA-DRLow
Higher IDOhi MDSCs in PB vs. healthy donor CLL cells induce conversion of monocytes into M-MDSCs. 2014 [58]