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Table 1 Overview of LSD1/KDM1A inhibitors in clinical trials

From: LSD1/KDM1A inhibitors in clinical trials: advances and prospects

Drugs Phase Trial number Diseases Status
ORY-1001 Phase I/II NA* AML Unknown
Phase I NCT02913443 SCLC Completed
Preclinical NA* AML, solid tumors Unknown
TCP Phase I NCT02273102 AML; MDS Active, not recruiting
Phase I/II NCT02261779 Relapsed/refractory AML Unknown
Phase I/II NCT02717884 Non-M3 AML blasts Recruiting
GSK2879552 Phase I NCT02034123 Relapsed/refractory SCLC Terminated
NCT02177812 AML Terminated
Phase II NCT02929498 High-risk MDS Terminated
INCB059872 Phase I/II NCT02712905 Solid tumors and hematologic malignancy Recruiting
Phase I NCT03514407 Relapsed Ewing sarcoma Recruiting
Phase I/II NCT02959437 Solid tumors
Advanced malignancies
Metastatic cancer
Active, not recruiting
Phase I NCT03132324 Sickle cell disease Terminated
Phase I/II NCT04061421 MDS/MPN Not yet recruiting
IMG-7289 Phase II NCT03136185 Myelofibrosis Recruiting
Phase II NCT04081220 Essential thrombocythemia Not yet recruiting
Phase I NCT02842827 AML and MDS Completed
CC-90011 Phase I NCT02875223 Relapsed/refractory solid tumors and non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas Recruiting
Phase I/II NCT03850067 SCLC Recruiting
ORY-2001 Phase I NA* Multiple sclerosis Recruiting
Phase IIa NCT03867253 Mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease Recruiting
  1. *NA means the related data are not available on the website and excerpted from the Oryzon Genomics website. Updated on October 1, 2019